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Virginie Lacoste
Make Up Artist


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Become who you are

What we show through our clothes, accessories, hairstyle and beauty enhancement play a major role in what the others perceive of ourselves.
Consciously or unconsciously people form their first opinion on you in the first 20 seconds.
The more your fashion style neatly reflects who you are, the more you gain confidence and credibility.
With the makeover counseling learn to recognize what enhance you and control the image that you wish to project.

You will leave with a personnalized sheet, inclusive a full report of the following services:

Colorimetry (Analysis of colors that make you value)

(Analysis of colors that make you value)


Morphologic and silhouette diagnosis

Morphologic &
silhouette diagnosis


Facial morphology and haircut counselling

Facial morphology &
haircut counselling


Sorting wardrobe

Sorting wardrobe


Personal shopper

Personal shopper


Flat rate

Flat rate

Colorimetry, Morphologic and silhouette diagnosis, Facial morphology and haircut counselling & Sorting wardrobe


Do not hesitate to associate your colorimetry study to any make-up service, this is the perfect association for a tailor-made make-up, based on the colours that flatter you.

Make Up Courses

For those who want to learn or improve their makeup skills, I give lessons

  • You don't know how to do your makeup
  • You know makeup well and want to improve it
  • You already followed lessons but want to improve your techniques
  • You know how to makeup but want to learn a new type of makeup to go work or for a specific event

How does it work?

You bring your makeup bag, and then with your products and also mines, and according to your makeup habits, you will learn how to apply make-up by choosing one of the following formulas:

Complexion work + Day makeup

Complexion work &
Day makeup


Complexion work +

Complexion work &
"Party" makeup (smoky)


If you want a special type of makeup or a makeup for your theme party, do not hesitate to ask me!

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